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About The Book


A Hunting We Did Go: True Mountain Adventures shares a wide-array of tales about the author’s love for the outdoors, as well as his passion for wildlife and nature.  

To sit in nature’s cathedral and look down on the creator’s masterpiece is almost a spiritual experience for Lloyd Antypowich.  Every year, for forty years, he took time out of his busy life and followed the call of his heart as it led him into the mountains that he loved. He basked in their magnificence, appreciating the splendour of nature and the solitude that “recharged his batteries.”

He sharpened his senses, as he pitted his skills against those of the animals that he stalked; animals that in their own territory are much more skilled than man, and time after time beat him in the challenge.  If he got his game it was a bonus.  The real success was reconnecting with nature and enjoying the peace that he found there, away from the stress and chaos of everyday life.

Many dream of experiencing nature as he did, this is why A Hunting We Did Go: True Mountain Adventures, was created, to allow the readers to feel the exhilaration and discover what life is like in the mountains. A compilation of robust campfire stories, this adventurous book allows readers to embark on remarkable mountainous exploits.